The PDT Cocktail Book


Ever since the media first caught wind of PDT’s hotdog-hideaway, fans have been piling in from all over the world to sip old fashioneds and order kimchi-slathered Momofuku sausages from their secret Crif Dogs menu. As one of the innovators in the field of mixology in NYC, a field that has become notably over-crowded recently, it only makes sense that the folks over at PDT continue to blaze trails by breaking into the world of publishing. Although the recipes in this tome are, of course, excellent - it’s truly the innovative and whimsical animal-themed illustrations that make it worth purchasing.

Gangster-inspired Bootleg Brewery’s branding is dangerously dead-on.  View high resolution

Gangster-inspired Bootleg Brewery’s branding is dangerously dead-on. 

ABSOLUT Pinstripe Decanter


Hand-blown by Swedish glass artisans in Reijmyre, this is not your average ABSOLUT bottle. Limited to a run of 800, the stylized crystal decanter comes with two matching pinstriped tumblers and is sure to skew towards the higher end of the iconic vodka brand’s price range. Design aside, this is a nice attempt by a vodka category to reclaim a classic bartop accessory normally reserved for the likes of single malts and vintage reds.

"Cancan" Champagne by Jean Paul Gaultier. 

"Cancan" Champagne by Jean Paul Gaultier. 

Ryesenberg Rye - Concept Packaging


New from Israeli designer David Riesenberg comes a brilliantly nuanced piece of concept work concerning his own brand of imaginary rye whiskey. Despite the obvious aesthetic advantages to Mr. Riesenberg’s design, it yields a great deal of ethos as well. Suitable for small run premium batches, according to the designer, “the label is a piece of the actual barrel the whiskey was aged in. Following a process of drying, pressing and silk screening the label is attached to the bottle and can be removed to be used as a coaster or simply as a collectible once the bottle goes dry. Each piece is naturally unique, maintaining the black color from the charring process and slight aroma.” David’s concept includes some nifty OOH pieces as well including a branded coaster. Now if only it could get manufactured in reality!  



Veuve Clicquot Origami Ice Bucket


New from Veuve Clicquot comes a brilliant little promotional piece in the form of an origami ice bucket. Constructed from fully foldable, water-resistant material, the bucket is the brainchild of the aesthetically-oriented champagne brand and Belgian designer Mathias van de Walle. Complete with instructions and a bottle of bubbly, this fully-foldable chilling device can be easily carried with the lucky recipient anywhere they go, just incase there’s a sparkling wine-related emergency.



ABSOLUT x Gareth Pugh


British goth-chic designer Gareth Pugh has recently teamed up with ABSOLUT MODE EDITION to participate in a redesign of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle. Having served as a blank canvas for the likes of Andy Warhol, Kurt Wenner and Spike Lee, the Swedish brand’s bottle serves doubly as a container and a piece of art, especially when designed as special limited editions. For his turn at the trademark spirit, Pugh chose to evoke the realm of fashion by creating a bottle with twelve facets and wrapping it in a midnight blue silk cloth embroidered band. Available exclusively at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, the distinctive ABSOLUT model is sure to be a collectors item for fashionistas and discerning drinkers alike.

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